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  • Weekly Warrior By Katie Epps

    Weekly Warrior By Katie Epps   These last few weeks have been very exciting for Downieville School and for this week’s article the Downieville Jr/Sr High School would like to start off by thanking Robin Bolle for organizing the wonderful field trip on April 18th and 19th, and also thank her for putting up with […]

  • Weekly Warrior by Arroyo Campbell

    As the school year gets closer and closer to the end of its annual life cycle, the students of Downieville Elementary and High School have become increasingly busy. From field trips to the golf and tennis seasons picking up momentum, the school has been very active. The Senior Class held Mock Interviews here in Downieville […]

  • Weekly Warrior 3-21-18

    Weekly Warrior By Aaron Foster            Hello everyone. Welcome back to another fascinating Weekly Warrior article. I hope everyone enjoyed their Saint Patrick’s Day and had a good time.             Now to jump into Mrs. Bosworth’s class and catch up with what the kids have been working on. The class started their weaving art […]

  • Weekly Warrior March 6, 2018

    Welcome back readers to another Weekly Warrior article! This week there is much to say for what is going on—lots of learning. This week Mrs. Bosworth K-3rd grade students are working on place value and comparing numbers in their math class. The class is also working on snow art and abstract art. They have all […]

  • Weekly Warrior February 6th, 2018 By Evy Downs (with sports section by Arroyo Campbell)

           Keep on reading this article for there is a lot of interesting information ahead and some important announcements! This week has been an interesting week for the students at DHS, and many of us have learned some new things from our teachers.             The students in Katrina Bosworth’s K-3rd class have just recently celebrated […]

  • Weekly Warrior   By: Austin Foster

    Weekly Warrior   By: Austin Foster Welcome everyone to another Weekly Warrior! This week Mrs. Bosworth’s K-3rd class has been learning about germs and hygiene. They’ve also been doing some scribble art and finishing their snow globe writings. Mrs. Bosworth’s K-3rd class received a grant from Sierra Schools Foundation to go to Crocker Art Museum. Their […]

  • Weekly Warrior January 9th, 2018

    Weekly Warrior By Eliane Campbell            Welcome back Weekly Warrior readers! I hope you all had a wonderful winter break and a happy New Year. To start off, before the break Mrs. Bosworth’s K-3rd class had a gingerbread man hunt. They went around the school looking for clues to find where he was hiding. […]

  • Weekly Warrior May 30, 2017

     Weekly Warrior                                      By: Aaron Foster               Welcome back to another awesome Weekly Warrior article! This week in Mrs. Galan’s class, the students are painting their didgeridoos and they are even learning about the significance of Memorial Day. The students have also been forging ahead with their reading and math programs as well. Ms. […]

  • Weekly Warrior May 17th, 2017

    Weekly Warrior By Magnus Miller and Sierra Folsom   Greetings from DHS! There are several new things I’d like to inform you of in this article. Standardized testing has ended for 7th, 8th, 11th, and 12th grade, but has just begun for the elementary school students. On Saturday, May13th, Downieville’s 10th annual Cancer Awareness Walk […]